Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Watch out for fake Argos texts offering refunds

Fake text messages posing as Argos are being sent out and claim that you are owed a refund from the company. There is a link...

Members of the community scammed by fraudster

Wiltshire Police have received two reports of a woman approaching members of the public in Swindon and asking them for money. The woman tells the...

Swindon holidaymakers warned about scam

Holidaymakers in Swindon are being warned about a new WhatsApp scam that is targeting users of popular travel firm Users have reportedly been sent...

Ryanair warn WhatsApp users about ‘free tickets’ scam going round

Users of instant messaging service WhatsApp are being warned of a hoax message which appears to come from the airline Ryanair. The budget airliner...

Computer sales scam in operation

Wiltshire Police are alerting people to a scam in Swindon where a group of unknown males, posing as sellers of laptops, are instead selling...

New DVLA car tax text message scam is promising fake refunds

The DVLA has issued an alert to drivers who may get a message offering them money back in a new car tax text message...

Look out for new scams on Facebook, including the ‘pyramid scheme’

Some of the latest frauds people are being warned about include a "pyramid scheme" circulating on Facebook which is being investigated by the police. These...
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Black Friday Scams… and how to avoid them

Black Friday sales are a great opportunity to bag a bargain. And cyber fraudsters are acutely aware of this. In fact, you can bet your sales savings that they have been honing their deception skills and putting their devious plans into place well before the November sales day

Public urged to be vigilant following telephone scam

Wiltshire Police are urging residents to be vigilant following a scam that has been reported by two people in Chippenham and Calne this week.

Households warned over fake Royal Mail missed delivery card scam

Households have been warned about a fake Royal Mail missed delivery card scam which could cost you £45