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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Scene and Heard : The Drink That Kills Me – Willodean

Music has long celebrated and cursed the liquid in equal measure and here Willodean take a more reflective approach to the subject.
The Raft

Scene and Heard – Anywhere, Everywhere – The Singer and...

If ever a song encapsulated the idea of breaking free, of heading out into the great wide open, seeing the world and collecting the memories that will keep you warm later in life, the ones that enable you to look back and think…I have lived a full life…Anywhere, Everywhere is it.
68 Creep

Goodnight, Sweet Betty – 68 Creep (album review)

I love the fact that I have lived long enough to witness the word Lynchian become a recognised label, one that can be applied to art and creativity across a wide range of spectrums.
Leah Capelle

Scene and Heard : Better Off – Leah Capelle

This time we find her in a more contemplative mood, one where reflective balladry and emotive acoustic folk deliveries are the core ingredients.

Human Giving – Darto (album review)

One moment the listener is offered spoken narrative pieces, the next sumptuous West Coast retro-pop, post-punk pasts meet post-rock futures, florid baroque grandeur meets restrained minimalism, musical minds meet and meld and opposites seem to effortlessly attract and form new musical partnerships.
Nick Nicely

Sleep Safari – Nick Nicely (album review)

Ever since Joe Meek first conducted his homemade musical experiments at the start of the rock ‘n’roll era, musicians have been fascinated with trying to capture the idea of the otherworldly in sound, be it journeys into outer or inner space, and Nick’s musical odyssey into the subconscious stands alongside the best of them.
I symptom

Scene and Heard: Miles Above the Baseline – I, Symptom

this time they offer up a slow burning, trippy meander through the solar system and beyond, hypnotic and transcendent.
canute's plastic army

Scene and Heard : Rotten To The Core – Canute’s Plastic...

Canute's Plastic Army drop a bleak but beautiful video from their debut e.p.
the heavy blinkers

Scene and Heard : The Night and I Are Still So...

The Heavy Blinkers tap into an almost forgotten pop vibe usually associated with iconic names such as Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson

Scene and Heard : Channel To Id – Screens 4...

Screens 4 Eyes return with a dystopian vision to match their sonorous soundtracks