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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Always  – The Blue Hour (album review)

The Blue Hour are arch-dream weavers whose almost narcotic backdrops are the perfect structure to hang such rich and emotive vocals, ones which at times sound like lost studio sessions by ambient music’s first lady, Kate Bush, slowed down and blissed out and the result is nothing less than a future classic of the dream-pop canon.

Between The Fear and The Funk – Hologram Teen (album review)

The debut Hologram Teen album certainly arrives with all the right credentials in place as it is the solo project of none other than Morgane Lhote, the long-term avante-guardian of the keyboards for seminal indie adventurers Stereolab during what many consider to be their creative high water mark.

The Swindonian presents Grass Cuts with Grasslands: YYY – A Tribute...

The Swindonian gave me access to their website... this was a mistake! We presents our first video review in the grassy haphazard form of Grass...

Release – Christopher Rapkin (album review)

It skirts the realms of minimal, Vangelis soundscapes, of progressive rock interludes, of futuristic dreams and galactic visions. But the purpose here is not the outward journey that some of the track titles might suggest, but an inner voyage, one built of meditation, calmness and introspection.

Mis+ress – Mis+ress (album review)

Essentially it is an album of atmospheres rather than songs, of mood as opposed to music in the conventional sense, and even when there seems to be more space than creativity you are surrounded by sounds which hypnotise, intrigue, soothe and silence.

Theta Series EPv1′ EP – Existente (album review)

You could make a good argument that Existente’s output is barely music at all, by any popular, mainstream definition anyway. Much like the infamous violin dragged along a path art-noise experiment, you can’t say that it doesn’t conform to many of the same principles as any other music being made, it is just that it has a sense of other, somewhere between a sonic art instillation and the distant echoes of the big bang picked up by scientific equipment in deep space.

Queensland Ballroom – Jason Herring and The Mystery Plan (album review)

At a point where music bleeds into pure emotion, where sound becomes atmosphere, where songs are less about sonic structure and lyrical message and more about painting washed out, night time vistas and seem to suggest other dimensions encroaching on our own world, you find the music of Jason Herring and The Mystery Plan.
68 Creep

Goodnight, Sweet Betty – 68 Creep (album review)

I love the fact that I have lived long enough to witness the word Lynchian become a recognised label, one that can be applied to art and creativity across a wide range of spectrums.

A Million Machines –  A Million Machines (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Future predictions rarely hold true, if they did we would all have personal jet packs, be living on the moon or in the dark dystopian city scapes envisioned in Blade Runner.

Unlocked – Jenn Vix (album review)

Unlocked is a collection of songs built on interesting contradiction. For music so cloaked in many of the musical trappings which often result in the tag gothic — fuzzy and visceral guitars, otherworldly echoes, strange sound washes, bleak atmospheric and glitchy electronica — there is a wonderful accessibility here.