Social media slang terms all parents need to know

Social media slang terms all parents need to know

Do you know the difference between FYEO and FOMO?

Social media has become a big part of children’s lives, but it can be increasingly difficult for parents to keep up with the online lingo.

‘Text speak’, with all its symbols and sayings, has become one of the main ways to communicate on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Text lingo practically changes weekly and a lot of the times, parents have no clue what their kids and their friends are saying,” Titania Jordan, from Bark, which monitors potential hazards on kids’ mobile phones and alerts parents, told Country101 .

“I’m surprised at how many parents still don’t know what ‘Netflix and chill’ means.” – If you don’t, it basically means sex.

The acronyms, words and phrases parents should be aware of

GNOC: Get naked on camera

FBOI: A guy who’s just looking for sex

WTTP: Want to trade pictures

FINSTA: Fake Instagram account

PAL: Parents are listening

1174: Meet at a party

FYEO: For your eyes only

NSFW: Not safe for work.

WYCM: Will you call me?

AMA: Ask me anything

ASL: Age/Sex/Location

BRB: Be right back

CTA: Call-to-action

DAE: Does anyone else

DM/IM: Direct message/ Instant message

F2F: Face to face

FOMO: Fear of missing out

HMB/HMU: Hit me back/Hit me up

IRL: In real life

LMK: Let me know

FWB: Friends with benefits

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