Piggin good crackling if you ask me

Piggin good crackling if you ask me

As a kid, I could be found swaying on an unsteady stool in the original Sir Daniels pub inhaling bag after bag of tasty pre-packaged pork scratchings, washed down with a pint of coke, in a smoke-filled bar watching the old man playing pool.

Remember those times? No not when you could smoke in a bar and when the pork scratchings actually tasted good!

In days when the pork scratching of old have slowly been replaced with what seems like some salty, cardboard, pork flavoured thing, I quickly moved away to alternate bar snacks, first came Cheeslets but lately Beef Monster Munch, (they are smaller than they used to be aren’t they?) have become my new favourite, well until now.

If you are a lover of the good old bar snack and are often found mumbling the declaration of nostalgia “don’t make ’em like they used to” towards some cardboard like porkish snack, fear not, there is a new pig on the block!

The Snaffling Pig, ‘set out to make awesome flavoured pork crackling in celebration of the noble porker’ can be found behind the bar at The Vic and fingers crossed, in the near future many other pubs, coffee houses and places that love a little piggin love in Swindon, if not many, please just the ones I frequent.

Now how do you describe the perfect pork scratching? I am going to leave it up to The Snaffling Pig, after all it is thanks to seeing their jars of goodness and the pink and white striped pick ‘n’ mix style bags behind the bar that got me in to trying them when there was a perfectly good packet of beefy Monster Munch just a few feet away.

‘We source the finest ingredients and then get them gently double cooked by our man Shaun (who knows more about cooking pork rind than is probably healthy) before being teased into our bags or jars, just for you’

Now in The Vic you can choose from one of three flavours, ‘Low & Slow BBQ – OMG!!, Back Pepper – Good, very good and the Pig of Doom – NO NO NO, don’t do it!

A message to all bar owners out there still using the old trick of free salted snacks on the bar to get punters to drink more, stock these, Ghost Chilli Pork Scratchings, whoever buys these will need at least two pints to cool their mouths down!

I will stick to the Low & Slow BBQ thank you very much. The flavour is just amazing, there is no risk to loosing a tooth, the scratchings are so perfect, you can buy them at £1.50 per bag at The Vic or what could be better than a bag of crackling? Yup, that’s right, a jar of crackling!

Head over to www.snafflingpig.co.uk and you can get yourself your very own jar of gorgeous, amazingly tasting porky goodness. 300g for £15.99.

I have, or should that be, had, a jar of the BBQ. Once the jar is opened there will be no stopping you and luckily for you the website allows you to purchase refill bags for your jar!

If you want to try something different to those on offer in town at present you can, there are currently eleven different jar flavours to pick from:

Black Pepper
Pig of Doom
Salt & Vinegar
Sweet Chilli
Funkin’ Fennel
Perfectly Salted
Pigs in Blankets
Sage & Onion

Once you register as a jar owner you will be given a discount on your first two refill jars, I am not sure what flavours I am going for yet, but I am pretty sure I will work my way through them all, with the exception of the Ghost Chilli that is!

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