MuscleFood: Providing premium nutrition for peak performance

MuscleFood: Providing premium nutrition for peak performance

It is well known among athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those in the sporting world that eating well is as important as training right if they’re to achieve their goals and ambitions. That is why MuscleFood was born.

Established by people passionate about sports nutrition, MuscleFood was created to bridge the gap between training and eating – making it easier for people to get the essential nutrition needed to stay healthy and achieve their peak.

MuscleFood specialises in providing an extensive range of responsibly sourced and gourmet lean meats with no added water, salt or other additives for an all-natural protein hit that’s convenient and cost-effective.

All of their meat is hand butchered on the day of despatch to ensure it arrives freshly chilled and ready to eat for the your ease.

MuscleFood also source the best of the best in low-fat dairy products, such as liquid egg whites and cottage cheese, recently adding protein-enriched foods like bread and pasta to their expansive range. All these products as well as their range of nuts, nut butters and oils aid an active lifestyle.

To top things off MuscleFood have started selling essential supplements to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts that extra boost to ensure they perform their best. From protein powders and mass gain supplements to weight controls and recovery supplements.

Protein packs have also been put together tailored to the needs of athletes, whether bulking up or slimming down, they provide something for everybody.

When people order from MuscleFood they are guaranteed quality produce from widely trusted companies.

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