More ‘Cream Teas and Culture’ at the Richard Jefferies Museum

More ‘Cream Teas and Culture’ at the Richard Jefferies Museum

Former Green Party candidate Talis Kimberley will be singing at the Richard Jefferies Museum this Sunday, and everyone is invited to a chilled-out afternoon of cake and music.


Talis’s songs cover all kinds of subjects from knitting and Jane Austen to politics and the Grenfell Fire. In a special solo set she’ll be singing several things that are too new to have been recorded yet – but she’ll have all her studio albums available to buy along with her themed mini-albums – one of sheep and farming songs, one on craft and knitting songs.


“I love the museum, and the garden’s a beautiful setting for music; lots of my songs are inspired by history, and by this part of Wiltshire, which makes them especially appropriate for this venue. I think Richard Jefferies, who we know was passionate about nature, would be very comfortable with the green tinge to some of my songs”, she says, explaining that “I’ve been a singer and songwriter very much longer than I’ve been involved in politics, but speaking out about things that matter to me, and what I feel needs changing, is really what both roles are about, so it’s unsurprising I find them blurring together a little these days.”


The afternoon starts at 2pm with the serving of cream teas, and Talis’s one hour set starts at 3pm. The Richard Jefferies Museum can be found next to the Sun at Coate Water.


“I always encourage folks who enjoy handicraft to bring their knitting or whatever – I love to see that when I’m singing. I hope people will bring their joining-in voices too, as there will probably be the odd shanty – and some of my shanties are really very odd!”


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