McDonald’s bring back The Big Tasty burger to their menu

McDonald’s bring back The Big Tasty burger to their menu

McDonald’s are giving their customers what they want as they bring back their popular Big Tasty burger to their menu.

The favourite burger will be back this year but for a limited time only. It will be available in your local restaurant between 28th June and 3rd October.

The fast food giant have even set up a Facebook event to mark the occasion, inviting fans to head down to their local restaurant to enjoy the return of the sandwich.

On the event page McDonald’s wrote: “Join the biggest, tastiest event of the year… They’re big, they’re tasty and they’re back at McDonald’s!

“The Big Tasty and Big Tasty with Bacon return from 28th June until 3rd October.

“Put it in your diary, tell your friends and get ready to take a big bite into 100% beef, cheese slices made with delicious Emmental, slices of tomato, lettuce, onion, optional Beechwood smoked bacon and of course our signature Big Tasty sauce.”

The Big Tasty has gained a large following with fans creating their own Facebook page petitioning to make it a permanent menu item.

Hungry fans have been demanding that the burgers, containing a quarter-pounder with lettuce, tomato and all the condiments, return to the menu for ever.

However, McDonald’s has already addressed fans’ demands saying the burger was merely a “promotional item” and would only come back for limited time periods every now and then.

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