Mars recall various chocolate products over fears of salmonella

Mars are recalling some of their Galaxy, Teaser bars, Counters and Minstrels chocolate over fears that some of the ingredients in the chocolate bars may carry the potentially deadly bacteria salmonella.

Mars say Galaxy bars, Minstrels, Counters and Teasers bars might be affected and are urging people not to eat them.

Instead, customers are being advised to keep the product and contact the Consumer Care team to arrange to return them for a refund.

The firm said it had taken a “precautionary step” to voluntarily pull products off the shelves over the risk of possible food poisoning.

A spokesperson said: “We have detected the possible presence of Salmonella from the ingredients used in making some of our Galaxy products, including Smooth Milk Chocolate bars, Minstrels and Counters and Teasers bars, whilst carrying out our routine testing process.

“A small number of these products have been distributed, and although we’ve had no related complaints, as a precaution we have made the decision to voluntarily recall the products potentially affected by this issue in order to ensure the safety and confidence of our consumers.

“We are working closely with the relevant food safety authorities and our customers to ensure that the affected products are no longer available for purchase. If you have one of the products listed above, you should not eat it. Please keep the product and contact our Consumer Care team to arrange return and reimbursement.

“This precautionary recall has been initiated with the best interests of our consumers at heart and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Salmonella is a bacteria found in contaminated food which can cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and sometimes vomiting and fever. The bacteria isn’t usually life-threatening but can be deadly if a person suffers from dehydration while they have the illness. It is particularly dangerous in young children, the elderly and people with poor immune systems.

The affected products in order of brand and product, product ID, batch best before, description code, code date, market are:

Galaxy Milk 200g Bar AC76R

719G1SLO00 06.05.2018 UK

719G2SLO00 06.05.2018 UK

720A2SLO00 13.05.2018 UK

720B1SLO00 13.05.2018 UK


Galaxy Milk 4x42g Multipack Bars AF67D

719G1SLO00 06.05.2018 UK

719G2SLO00 06.05.2018 UK


Galaxy Milk 42g Bar AN22R

719G2SLO00 06.05.2018 UK


Galaxy Counters 78g Treat Bag AW99N

719G2SLO00 06.05.2018 UK


Galaxy Counters 112g Pouch AW99G

720B1SLO00 13.05.2018 Ireland

720C1SLO00 13.05.2018 Ireland


Maltesers Teasers 35g Bar AX46E

720C1SLO00 13.05.2018 UK & Ireland

720D2SLO00 13.05.2018 UK


Galaxy Minstrels 118g Pouch (Sweet Nights In promotion) BJ30K

720B1SLO00 13.05.2018 UK ISSUE

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