Help this talented duo get home to Berlin

As we mentioned yesterday Beranger, a neo-classical rock duo are playing some shows in Swindon at the moment. Although original and exciting live music is always a cause for celebration, it has come about because of some less than pleasant circumstances.


This Berlin based piano and drum set up are in the country for some important meetings with music label representatives in London that could secure an exciting future for them. Swindon, being the hometown of their manager seems like the ideal place to put together a short video whilst rehearsing at Western Audio studios in West Swindon. Sadly whilst filming their van was stolen, which contained their luggage, MacBook and passports.


They now face the task of raising some money to get to London and sort out check turnaround passports and then get themselves and their gear home to Berlin. All of this is going to cost no small amount and so a crowd funding collection has been set up on their behalf.

Having watched them play last night, I can highly recommend you catching their show at The Beehive tonight, the gig is free leaving you some money spare to buy their album or drop some money towards their emergency fund.

If you can’t make the show but still want to help then go to the link below and show that the generous and the good of this town outweigh the thieving few by a long way.

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