Half way to a full head of hair, or am I?

Half way to a full head of hair, or am I?

You may have read back in February that I had been given the chance to restore my natural hair to original thickness by using a new laser hair therapy unit from Theradome.

I managed to get away with just a few looking to rib me for having to resort to such a treatment to bring my hair back, although if it manages to do the trick it will all be worth it anyway.

Laser hair therapy, is currently the most powerful and effective treatment for hair restoration, with exception to the transplant option anyway.

Having just finished mocking a mate for undergoing the transplant option and now looking like a cross between Donald Trump and Pat Sharpe of Fun House fame I would rather go bald, said through gritted teeth, than go through the ridicule of having hairs removed from my arse, or worse still donated from someone else and place in my ever expanding spot.

For 20 minutes, twice a week, I get to look like Bradley Wiggins sat watching TV having forgotten to take off his cycle helmet, actually that was a bad example, he has loads of hair!

Five months into the expected eight month course of treatment it hasn’t had the magical effect yet although the dog has kind of got used to me wearing the Theradome helmet, he does still give me one of those looks as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing?’.

Well I set out looking for a new head of hair for Christmas, there is still time yet.

I have my fingers crossed, and my Theradome on charge ready for tonight’s treatment.

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