Get your kids reading with this year’s Summer Challenge

Get your kids reading with this year’s Summer Challenge

Do you want to encourage your children to read over the summer holidays?

The theme for the 2017 Summer Reading Challenge is Animal Agents, illustrated by the UK’s best-selling children’s illustrator Tony Ross.

 This summer there’s something peculiar happening at the local library – and that’s where the Animal Agents come in!

From solving the case of the graffiti writing to the strange case of a missing lunch, children will join in the fun with the Animal Agents by reading along. As children read library books on the Summer Reading Challenge, they will receive a host of stickers, some with mysterious smells. By collecting these clues in their detective folder, young readers will help the Animal Agents find out what’s really been going on behind the scenes!

Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge 2017 is primarily aimed at 4-11 year olds and is simple and fun! Children sign up at their local library, and then read (or listen to) six library books to gain a medal* and certificate, collecting stickers along the way – all for FREE!

Pick up a funky Animal Agents wristband after three books* (subject to availability) and after 5 books collect a voucher for one free children’s DVD rental.

Children’s reading can ‘dip’ during the long summer holidays if they don’t have regular access to books and encouragement to read for pleasure. This can be a problem for schools to put right in the new term, and The Reading Agency’s annual Summer Reading Challenge really helps by getting three quarters of a million children into libraries over the summer. There is no other free reading activity that involves so many children, introduces families to their library, encourages children to choose books freely and independently and is endorsed by parents, teachers and the department for education.

Animal Agents runs from Saturday 15th July until Saturday 2nd September 2017.

Find all the relevant forms and more information HERE

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