Fancy another election?

Fancy another election?

So the voting is over, everyone has had their say and we have a new government in place right?


Waking up this morning to what many exit polls predicted, a hung parliament, now means that the Theresa May is this morning trying to put together a coalition that hold the majority of seats needed.

What if she cant? What if the DUP Party refuse, will she go to SNP?

What we know is according to the Cabinet Manual, the document that sets out the laws and rules of the government, states:

‘There is a 14-day period during which an alternative government can be formed from the House of Commons as presently constituted, or the incumbent government can seek to regain the confidence of the House.

‘If no government can secure the confidence of the House of Commons during that period, through the approval of a motion that ‘this House has confidence in Her Majesty’s Government’, a general election will take place.’

That’s right, your local community centre or school which houses your polling booth may be seeing you a little sooner than you had hoped.

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