Fake Tesco social media page offers thousands of pounds of vouchers

Fake Tesco social media page offers thousands of pounds of vouchers

Thousands of people have been fooled by a fake Tesco social media page that claims to offer thousands of pounds worth of bogus vouchers.

The page, named ‘Tesco – Promo’, looks legitimate at a first glance, as it features the Tesco logo and promotional images you would expect to see, however, it lacks the ‘blue tick’ verification that Tesco’s official accounts have.

As well as this, the real Tesco page has over two million followers, whereas, the ‘Tesco – Promo’ page has just over 1,000 which should ring alarm bells.

Its posts, some of which have been liked over of 3,500 times, invite users to take a test which is accessed by a link to another website and offers users the chance to win a £1,000 voucher.

However, the link doesn’t take you to Tesco’s official website, tesco.com, instead it takes you to a different page which asks for personal details.

One follower told The Mirror that when he posted a warning about the scam on the page, he was simply blocked by the people running it.

The link to the fake ‘test’ seems to have now been taken down but the dodgy Facebook page remains online.

Tesco told The Mirror: “Our online promotions can only be found on our own website or on our verified social media pages. If a customer is unsure about the authenticity, they can check with our customer service team.”

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