Facebook trick lets you save all your photos offline

Facebook trick lets you save all your photos offline

Gone are the days of popping down to Boots and printing out your favourite photos  from your camera to take home and store in a frame, everything now lives online, on Facebook!

For many people things haven’t really happened unless they have been documented on Facebook for the world to see but what if you were to come off of Facebook, what would happen to your most treasured memories then?

Well now you have an option of going back and saving all of your photos in the various albums online. This also allows you to share an album to those you are not Facebook friends with, if you wanted to.

To do this, just log into your Facebook account, go into the “Photos” section and then open up the album of photos you want to save or share.

Once you’ve found the album you want to download or share, open it up and press the little cog icon.

This will show you several options.

“Get Link”  you will be shown a link which you can send to friends who don’t use Facebook, allowing them to see your photos.

“Download album”  this will allow you to save all of your photos offline.

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