‘Every Little Helps’ Swindon motorists at the pumps

‘Every Little Helps’ Swindon motorists at the pumps

Motorists using the Tesco petrol station in Ocotal Way this morning have been treated to a discount on their fuel.

Due to an error with the delivery late yesterday evening the pricing mechanism of the pumps for unleaded fuel has been set at 00.0p per litre. That’s right FREE.

Since the news broke just after midnight on Twitter there have been queues as far back as the store entrance with drivers looking to fill up before the problem is fixed.

A Tesco Swindon spokesperson has confirmed the error ‘we are aware that motorists are bagging a deal at the pumps but until the systems are fixed, or we run out, there is nothing we can do about it.’

One motorist making the most of the error was a little dismayed at the cap Tesco had put on the use of containers ‘once I filled the car up I bought four of the petrol canisters, they took my money and then proceeded to tell me I could only fill two! It’s a rip off!’ commented James Smith of Broome Manor.

Diesel car drivers looking to fill are up being advised to use an alternate filling station until such time the system is fixed, which is expected to be around 12pm this afternoon. This is due to the diesel pricing continuing to work at 116.9p per litre.

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