Doyle reflects on last year’s lessons learnt

Doyle reflects on last year’s lessons learnt

Swindon star Jason Doyle knows he must take his World Championship quest one step at a time heading into the Teng Tools Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix.

Doyle leads the standings as the second half of the campaign gets underway in Malilla on Saturday.

But he says his 2016 World title heartbreak has taught him he can take nothing for granted as he goes in search of the sport’s ultimate prize.

Doyle told “I learnt a life lesson last year when I crashed out. We have to take each round as it comes. Three points is nothing in the title race.

“It all comes down to Melbourne. I just need to stay fit and healthy and get ready for the big one. I’ll go to Malilla on Saturday and try to score as many points as possible. It’s the points that are valuable at the end.

“We need to make it a lot easier for ourselves. We need to make it into the semis quite early, and not leave everything until the last race.

“The ideal start to a Grand Prix would be to get three straight wins and go straight into the semis. But that doesn’t happen.

“It’s not easy – it’s probably the hardest field in many years. Any race can be won by any rider and there are no easy heats. That’s why it’s called Grand Prix racing. It’s hard and enjoyable.

“Malilla is a track where you can either go really well, or have an average meeting. At this track there are a lot of race lines, so it’s not always down to the perfect start. It’s going to be an exciting Grand Prix and I’m sure there is going to be some great racing.

“I’m going in there as World Championship leader, so there’s no added pressure on me. I’m leading, but that means nothing at the halfway point.

“There are so many points in it. You just need to add them up and hopefully be there at the end.”

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