Contaminated eggs may be on sale in UK shops

Contaminated eggs may be on sale in UK shops

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Eggs contaminated with a harmful insecticide may have entered supermarkets in the UK.

Millions of eggs throughout Europe have already been recalled from shops and warehouses in recent weeks after some were found to contain traces of pesticide Fipronil.

The contamination has affected Aldi and Lidl stores in Germany and last week a spokesperson from Aldi UK said eggs in the UK should not be affected by the scandal as all eggs sold in the UK by the store are “100 per cent British”.

However, the FSA watchdog said “a very small number” have been distributed in the UK and the risk to public health is “very low”.

A statement on their website saying: “The number of eggs involved is very small and the risk to public health is very low, but we are urgently investigating the distribution of these eggs in the UK.

“We are working closely with the businesses that have received eggs from affected farms. Investigations to date indicate that any affected products are no longer on the shelves.

“The government has already taken action to prevent any risk to UK consumers by adding Fipronil to its robust surveillance programme in UK farms.

“We have no evidence that eggs laid in the UK are contaminated or that Fipronil has been used inappropriately in the UK.”

The agency did not state which stores in the UK or in which part of the country it believed that contaminated eggs may have been distributed to.



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