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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Education leaders salute contribution of long-serving head teacher

Tributes have been paid to a popular former head teacher who devoted almost 30 years of his life to helping children at one of Swindon’s special schools.

Bellego is back!

David Bellego is the fifth member of Swindon's Premiership winning side to sign-up for a return in 2018.

Health services in Swindon ask the public to choose the right...

“Choosing the right option first time not only allows us to focus our attention on the people who need care the most, but also improves a patient’s chance of being seen quicker.”

Critical care paramedic Ben welcomes new crew mate James

Experienced Wiltshire Air Ambulance Paramedic Ben Abbott is passing on his knowledge to his new crewmate.

Expect a day of rain and sleet

The Metrological Office is predicting a day of sleet and rain being the more likely option rather than more snow for most of the West Country, including Swindon.

Festive fun provided by Swindon Young Musicians this weekend  

More than 150 parents and 100 children will be spreading Christmas cheer at this year’s Christmas Junior SYM Concert.

Please be cautious around gritters this winter

Highways authorities are urging drivers to be cautious around gritters this winter as more than a dozen people lose their lives every year after colliding with one of the winter workhorses.

Scene and Heard : Pursuit of Love – Aliens 

The art of their film making is much like their approach to music, there are emotions, ideas, pleas and messages running through both forms but you need to find them yourself, interpret them as best fits your world view. This is not a rally or a lecture in the conventional sense, they  have too much respect for us than to be that crass, this is a thought provoking, late night conversation with like minded people.

Town Centre is setting for festive artisans market

A fabulous Christmas Artisan Market is in store for you this Saturday 9th December. From 10am to 5pm the town centre will be full of artisan treats, Christmas present ideas, aromas of mulled wine and sumptuous street food.
nick harper & the wilderness kids

Lies! Lies! Lies! –  Nick Harper and The Wilderness Kids (album...

“350 reasons why, written on the side of a bus” is the opening salvo of the album, and straight away you realise that Nick, as always, has something important to tell you. Colours are nailed to masts, sides are chosen and lines are drawn in the sand.