Apple’s iPhone 8 will have biggest screen ever

Apple’s iPhone 8 will have biggest screen ever

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple smartphone and September’s launch for iPhone 8 is expected to bring with it a number of big changes.

Case pictures from manufacturer Olixar, which are available to pre-order appear to show the new phone will have the biggest screen of any apple smartphone ever.

It also looks as though there will be no home button, an ever present for the past ten years.

Rumours circulating online suggest the button has been moved to the back of the handset, similar to the Google Pixel.

This rumour appears to be squashed however with no space for a button on the rear of the case leaving the potential of a touchscreen home button the only remaining possibility.

The cases reveal a large vertical camera slot, usually used for dual cameras, while the screen protector appears to have four small holes, which could be where a front camera will be going.

Pre-order your new case on the MobileFun website.

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